The benefits of attending Woundcare4Heroes 5th Annual Conference 2017 will be:

• To learn about the historical perspective of burns care and identity in Britain
• To investigate the research advances in burns and infected wounds, and clinical evidence in maggot therapy
• To understand the complexities of pain in amputations stumps
• To appreciate the long-term planning for scar management
• To gain insight into appropriate referral paths for mental health issues
• To explore how we can care for the carers
• To discover more about the Veterans Trauma Network, WoundCare4Heroes and the Stoll

Who should attend?

Woundcare4Heroes 5th Annual Conference 2017 will be of particular interest to:

• Wound care and tissue viability specialists
• Burns, plastics and trauma specialists
• District and practice nurses
• Military and Territorial Army nurses
• All other professionals with an interest in complex wound healing

Feedback from WC4H 2016:

• “This has been a great CPD event for me. Along with a networking opportunity I have learnt a lot about dressings”
• “This has been a very effective learning event and I would like to thank the wc4h team and speakers”
• “Working as a district nurse I deal with chronic and acute wounds on a daily basis and the lectures today were all relevant to my field. Enjoyed everything about the day, gained a vast amount of knowledge”

Delegate rates: